Posted on February 7, 2017

Why Your Gym Workouts May Not Be Working

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Why Your Gym Workouts May Not Be Working It is not uncommon for people to become frustrated when they do not see better fitness results from their workouts. The reason is simply they do not get the most out of the time they spend working out. Listed below are 4 important reasons why your workouts aren’t working.

  1. Focusing on the Wrong Lifts
Individuals who want to get muscular or toned often spend too much time doing bicep curls and crunches. The fact is that the most effective resistance workouts are full-body movements such as squats, dead lifts and bench presses.
  1. Too Much Cardio
People who “OD” (overdose) on cardio can find that they develop muscle loss instead of building muscle.  It is important to add weights or strength training to balance your cardio training. This will provide you with a well rounded fitness regimen and get you into overall better shape than just doing cardio alone.
  1. Bad Diet
All the exercise in the world will not do much for you if your diet is not also regimented.  It is important to get enough protein and healthy unsaturated fats while reducing the amount of simple carbohydrates you get from processed, sugary foods.
  1. Not Enough Intensity
No matter if you are lifting weights or doing cardio you need to continue to push yourself. Although there are times that a lighter workout is warranted, you still want to be able to break a sweat and get your heart rate up.