Posted on January 31, 2017

4 Tips For Learning How To Snowboard This Winter

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Despite the challenges associated with learning to snowboard, it is possible to make good progress and avoid falling into a beginner’s rut (quitting!).

  1. Choose the proper ski area
In order to become proficient in snowboarding, you first need to select the right ski area. Look for a resort that is popular among snowboarders. This usually means that the mountain not only allows snowboarders to share the slopes with downhill skiers, but they also have areas of the mountain designed and designated specifically for snowboarders. The mountain should have plenty of easy “green” slopes and intermediate “blue” slopes. This will allow you to have enough snowboarding terrain to not only learn on, but as you gradually improve, will allow you to elevate your snowboarding skills beyond the “bunny hills”. It is also helpful to find resorts that have good gondola access. This can help you to avoid chairlifts and tows – which many beginner snowboarders find difficult to board and disembark. Best Places To Snowboard In US: Best Places To Snowboard In The World:
  1. Take a lesson
It helps to learn how to snowboard by hitting the slopes with somebody who is more proficient than you. Go with a friend or family member that has snowboarding experience and can help teach you boarding fundamentals. You can also consider taking a class from a certified snowboard instructor at the mountain’s ski school.
  1. Set goals for yourself
Like the old saying: “You can’t manage what isn’t measured” You can further raise your snowboarding skill level by setting clear goals for your progress. By having a clear goal for each day that you are out snowboarding, you can actually see how you are improving. Set a daily schedule for yourself. For example: day one, learn to stay upright on the board; day two, learn how to make a simple turn; day three, make a full run on the easy slopes with out falling, and so on.
  1. You can’t learn to snowboard in a day
Although the top riders make snowboarding look effortless, the sport does in fact require large amounts of determination, discipline and tenacity. The most important ingredients for progress in learning to snowboard is persistence and practice, practice, practice!