Posted on June 1, 2016

Where Did All The Rollerbladers Go?

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: Rollerblades

Last week I was doing a little spring-cleaning in the garage when I came across my old rollerblades. I could not believe how much dust had accumulated on them over the years. It had to be at least 10 years since I last bladed on any regular basis. There was something about rollerblading that I found very exhilarating. I remember how the adrenaline started to flow each time I strapped on my skates and protective gear to go out blading.  Picking up speed as my inline skates rolled on the smooth asphalt was unlike any other feeling I experienced with other fitness activities. I always liked that the fluid body motion of blading was very similar to ice-skating. Although I bladed in control, there was a lingering fear that I may not be able to stop or I’d lose my balance and eat pavement! Back in the height of rollerblading popularity, it was not uncommon to see the paved bike and walking paths filled with rollerbladers.  During this time you thought for sure that this sport was going to become a mainstream fitness activity for people looking for alternatives to running, biking and/or walking. Unfortunately over time, the rollerblade craze began to fade as rollerbladers became entranced by newer fitness fads that came along.  Looking back, I really did enjoy rollerblading, but as I put my dusty old rollerblades in the throw-out pile, I realized that I too had moved on!