Posted on May 27, 2016

When does a Walk Become a Hike?

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: hiking

We all know that you must crawl before you walk, but when do you start to hike? If someone tells you to “go take a hike” what does that really mean? If we walk a certain number of steps or over a certain time period, does that constitute hiking? On the other hand, why don’t hikers say I am going for a walk instead of a hike? The walking to hiking transformation must begin to occur when you replace concrete sidewalks with a dirt path and skyscrapers with mountains, lakes and/or forests. This transformation is also enhanced when you put on a pair of khaki shorts along with a comfortable shirt and lace up your “hiking” shoes. The added accessories of a hiking stick, fanny or backpack, water bottle, snack and sunscreen provides you with a better frame of mind for venturing out into the great outdoors. The first few steps on the trail are the final stage of the walking to hiking transformation. As you take each next step while looking out at the beautiful scenery, you realize that you are definitely hiking. The sights, sounds and smell of hiking are something you just can’t get when you’re just out walking! You feel this total euphoria in becoming one with the outdoors while hiking. But, it’s when you arrive back home after a great hike and change your clothes and shoes and store your hiking equipment that the re-transformation begins to occur. You realize that this re-transformation has now fully taken place because your dog needs to go out for a walk! Happy Trails :)