Posted on November 6, 2017

Tips To Help Enhance Your Indoor Winter Workouts

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: fitness , Indoor Workouts , Winter

As for many of us across the country, when the cold weather hits, our workouts are moved indoors. Unfortunately, some fitness routines that are fun outdoors are just not the same when brought indoors. This can be especially true with running or biking. Running on a treadmill doesn’t compare to being outside on the roads or trails. It has been said that riding on a stationary bike confirms the concept of “hurry up and wait”! The good news is that working out indoors can have its advantages: climate control, entertainment availability and exercise variety. The indoor climate has no wind and the temperature is a non-factor. The entertainment from watching television during your workout can greatly help to reduce the boredom factor. Reading a book or magazine on the bike or stair master can be another workout boredom reduction aid. Probably the most important aspect to enhancing your indoor winter workout is the variety of fitness activities available. If you exercise at a health club, you can mix up your workout routine with running, biking, elliptical, etc. Including weight training and exercise classes, such as yoga and Pilates, can help improve your overall fitness during the winter season. Lastly, actually getting back outdoors to ski, snowshoe and/or ice-skate will not only help to balance your indoor fitness activities, but they will keep your passion for fitness “hot” over the “cold” winter months.