Posted on February 21, 2017

Tips for Staying in Shape This Winter

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Unfortunately, winter is always a problematic time of year, for people not living in a warm climate, to stay in shape. The extra pounds from the holiday season, cold temperatures and shorter days can keep you from working out. Here are some tips on ways to stay in shape this winter. Join a gym If you’re favorite running or biking route is under snow, joining a gym could be just the answer. You will get a climate-controlled cardio workout and also allow you access to other fitness option such as exercise classes and weight circuit equipment. Take up a winter sport Although a gym can be a nice and cozy winter place to workout, some people still like being out in the winter elements. Winter sports such as skiing, skating or snowshoeing can be just the answer! These sports can provide you with a great cardio workout. It is important to remember that you should properly dress in layers when participating in winter sport activities. Eat well As cold weather forces us to be inside more often, it can also lead to binge type eating usually due to inactivity. Therefore, you need to watch your sugar and carb intake. Try to increase your fruits, vegetable and whole grain in your diet. Also, drinking more water can help curb cravings, improves digestion and is a great replacement for high-calorie drinks like soda. Keep in mind that it is just as important to stay hydrated in the winter as the summer. In the summer, it is easy to remember to drink due to the heat. In the winter, the dry air can cause dehydration too but we often do not properly respond by hydrating ourselves.