Posted on August 15, 2016

The Thrill of Viewing the Majestic Whale

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: California , Humpback Whales , Monterey , Whale Watching

Our whale watching adventure began on a cloudy, cool day in Monterey, California. Having only seen pictures of whales in their natural habitat, we were excited to view first hand the migrating Humpback Whales. As the captain steered the vessel through the harbor in the direction of the Pacific Ocean, the thought of seeing these whales up close was causing our adrenaline to flow.  As we hit the open ocean, the shoreline was quickly disappearing.  Looking ahead over the front of the ship, as the sea wind brushed our faces and the motion of the waves made you regularly adjust your stance, it was if we were entering a different world. Ten minutes later that the captain called out that there was a Humpback Whale on the right side of the ship. As he brought the ship closer to this great creature, everyone enthusiastically gathered on the right side of the ship, with cameras in hand, to grab a look.  The 30-foot whale broke the water to the “Ahhs” of the crowd. The verbal gasp was similar to the sound people make during the fireworks display on the fourth of July.  All on board marveled at the sight of this majestic freak of nature in its natural habitat. The sound of the Humpback Whale cutting through the water while gorging on anchovies was breath taking. The whale swam passed our vessel and blew the water through its blowhole making a distinct sound that resonated through the sea air.  As the Humpback Whale began to dive back down in to the ocean depths, it proudly stuck its mammoth tail in the air as to say shows over, thanks for watching!