Posted on November 21, 2017

The Annual Turkey Trot

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: Thanksgiving , Turkey Trots

The Thanksgiving Holiday is once again upon us. The great Thanksgiving traditions of eating turkey, watching football and shopping are something the Pilgrims must have envisioned back in the 1600’s! As one of our major eating holidays, taking a run on Thanksgiving morning can be good idea. Turkey trots are a fun and healthy way to get a run in on Thanksgiving morning. After all, the football games don’t start till noon, the stores are not open yet and the turkey is still roasting in the oven. Participating in a turkey trot race with friends and family can be a great way to burn a few calories and enjoy the company of love ones. Standing at the starting line of your local turkey trot, you get a feeling of community and excitement for the race to begin. As the starting gun goes off, you feel the adrenaline pump through your body as you flow with the other race participants on to the racecourse. Along the course you hit that perfect pace that still enables you to comfortably talk and catch up with friends and family that are running along side. When you cross the finish line, you not only feel a sense of accomplishment, but you imagine how good that turkey will taste…and all the trimmings and pumpkin pie too!