Posted on August 1, 2016

Tat Towel Review – Chicago Tribune

Written By Body Wipe Company

Tat Towels in the News Chicago Tribune >> Read full article "I was about to have more color put in to my tattoo when I learned about Tat Towels. After using the wipe only once, my tattoo's original color came back to life. They're a must-have for anyone with a tattoo," says Sarah Barkley of Crystal Lake, IL. "I spend a lot of time and effort getting ready to go out, so enhancing my tattoo has become part of my routine when getting dressed and putting on my make up." The first product of its kind, Tat Towels’ special formula moisturizes and enhances the surface of the tattoo leaving it more refreshed and vivid. “Tat Towels transform the appearance of tattoos, giving them an immediate boost in color and definition after their first application,” said Joel Saban, Co-Founder, Body Wipe Company. “Working like a Zamboni over the surface of an ice rink, Tat Towels instantly make tattoos as clear and vibrant as they can be by hydrating the skin and showcasing the tattoo under the epidermis layer of the skin.” Buy your moisturizing tattoo wipes