Posted on July 11, 2016

Summer Musical Nirvana!

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: Music Venue , Ravinia , summer , Summer Music Festivals

IMG_3838 As for most of us living in the US, we suffer through bitter cold and snowy winters. It is for this reason that the summer season is always welcomed with open arms! One of the great things about this time of year is the many festivals and events held throughout the country. There is nothing like strolling through an art street festival or taking in the smells and tastes of a food festival. In addition, with the festival attire of flip-flops, shorts and a t-shirt, it makes these events even more enticing to attend. Of all the great summer activities there are between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there is nothing more enjoyable than attending summer music festivals, music venues or concerts at your local park district. Living in Chicago, we often will take in the sounds of local bands playing at different street festival throughout the city. But it is one of our city’s music venues called Ravinia that we look forward to every year. Ravinia is located in Highland Park, IL (Approximately 20-mile north of downtown Chicago). The venue has both a formal seating area and lawn seats. The true Ravinia tradition is bringing a picnic dinner and eating it out on the lawn before and/or during the concert. The lengths people will go through in regards to what they bring to the picnic dinner verges on legendary! It is not unusual to walk through the lawn-seating crowd and see candelabras, neon lighted bars or extravagant dinner buffets. But, it is the music that is the true draw to Ravinia every summer. The list of performers that come to play at Ravinia over the season will appeal to almost everyone’s music genre tastes. There is nothing like the ambiance of the perfect summer evening, dining under the stars in our fold-out canvas chairs, listening to great music and hanging with good friends. Each time we leave Ravinia, you can’t help but want to look up their up coming concert schedule on your phone, to see when you can return for another night of summer musical nirvana!