Posted on July 5, 2016

Running Your Trail Off!

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: fitness , runner , trail running

Outdoor cross-country running in summer sunshine concept for exercising, fitness and healthy lifestyle The idea of running on a trail rather than the road or a paved path is beginning to get runners attention. After years of mountain biking on numerous trails, we started trail running a couple of summers ago and got hooked. There is something about running on a natural path that feels great! Most natural trails are surrounded by mountains, rivers and forests and therefore only enhance your running experience. For those of you that have not tried trail running, you need to put it on your must do fitness list. Unlike running on the road, trail running can really help you to feel one with nature, while getting a great workout. You give up the sounds of traffic for sounds of birds and the rustling of the leaves. Trail running will also enhance your sense of smell from the natural fragrance of Mother Nature. As with all runners, sometimes you have to dig deep to motivate yourself to go out for a run. Trail running is motivating in itself because running on a natural path trumps pavement. No matter if you run up in the mountains or at sea level, trail running will enlighten your soul. Now get out there and find your trail!