Ideally, we’d all like to jump into the shower right after a workout, but it isn’t always possible. Paper Shower Fresh is a unique Body Wipe for after the gym and whether you work out during your lunch hour or have to run errands on your way home, it is guaranteed to leave you clean, fresh and rid of that post workout odor. Each Paper Shower Fresh pack contains

  • Extra Large Body wipe – saturated with a special water-base solution, formulated to effectively remove the salt and dirt associated with sweating from your skin. It has a low alcohol content so will not dry out your skin
  • Dry Towelette – To remove excess sweat and dirt
When used in combination they offers an excellent alternative to showering allowing you to getting clean, dry and on with your day. Pop a Paper Shower-Fresh into your gym bag for those times when showering is not an option and you need a post workout body wipe.

Paper Shower® Fresh: Wet & Dry Wipe (12ct)

Paper Shower® Fresh: Wet & Dry Wipe (12ct)


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