Posted on March 23, 2017

Night Running

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: fitness , night running , running

People like to sleep in longer, and appear fresh for the day, so it's no wonder that saving your run for just before bed is becoming increasingly popular.  Night running can offer better conditions for exercise, and it's the time your body is most receptive to exertion. Here are some convincing reasons to make it part of your training. You'll Feel Fresher at Work One of people's biggest concerns with morning exercise is the possibility of burning out before the day has really begun. Nobody wants to walk into work already exhausted from early exertion, or spend their meetings stifling yawns. But it can be wonderfully cathartic to finish the day with intense exercise. You'll release any stress that accumulated over the day, and pushing yourself harder is much easier when you get to go to bed afterwards, instead of a desk. Your Muscles Are Primed and Ready  Regardless of distance or speed, a great run will always be one where you feel strong and alive. Running first thing can frustrate these sensations because your body isn't ready yet. Not only will you still be brushing the sleep from your eyes, you'll be running on muscles that aren't loosened up yet. Waiting until evening means your body will have benefited from a whole day of warming up, and you won't even have had to think about it. You Won't Overheat Your muscles might be warmer, but outside it' s cooler, and that's always a blessing - especially if you're planning to go fast or hit some interval training. Exercising in the glare and heat of the sun can transform a relaxing run into a sweaty ordeal, which can truly affect your performance. And it's not just the sun you'll avoid: airborne allergens such as pollen are much less concentrated in the evening. You'll Avoid the Traffic Drivers can make running extremely unpleasant; it's not often a car will slow down for you, and you're often left jogging on the spot next to the traffic lights. No runner needs that! At worst, of course, cars can cause injuries. Running at night goes a long way towards eliminating these problems. They'll be fewer vehicles on the road, and since you're not interrupting rush hour, they won't be in such a hurry. Drivers will also have their lights on, so they'll be easier to spot. Invest in a hi-visible vest or armband so the same can be said for you!