Posted on June 5, 2016

Get Your Fitness Groove On!

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: fitness , health , running

It’s only human nature that when you’re tired and stressed out that you seek relief by eating junk food and morphing into a proverbial "couch potato". It’s during these times that the idea of working out is on your list, just above downloading the sound track of “Nails on a Chalkboard” from iTunes! These days with living in a social media driven world along with 24-hour accessibility to TV programs and movies, Internet shopping and world events, it’s no wonder why our brains are chronically stimulated at the expense of our physical health. We have not been immune to this scenario ourselves. It was for this reason that we have decided to make our physical health a top priority to help balance out any temporary sedentary insanity! Unfortunately, the digital world has given us all a little a dose of short attention span. This could be a reason that you may find it hard to stay focused and dedicated to any specific workout routine. We have all been swept up with a fitness craze at one time or another, but in the end you quit and raise the white flag in surrendering to the comfort of a bad diet while seeking refuge of a sedentary life style. We believe in solving problems by taking complexity of a subject and transforming it to simplicity. When it comes to fitness, everyone and their mother has weighted in on this subject. The problem is that we still seem to struggle with either starting a fitness program or maintaining one. It is for these reasons that we wanted to write a blog that can provide you with some simple suggestions to getting and staying fit:

  1. Start by choosing a physical activity that is not overwhelming, i.e. do not go from lying on your couch to training for a marathon! Rather start out by eating the fitness “elephant” one fork full at a time. This can be accomplished by starting slow and working up to adding more time or speed to your fitness activity.
  1. The old saying in business of “only what is measured, can be managed” can apply to starting your fitness program. Wearing a heart monitor or pedometer is an example of ways to measure your fitness progress.
  1. Fitness has to be all about you! Use your workout time as a “think tank” or “chill time” to listen to music. Make it your Zen.
  1. Staying power is key. You need to think of physical fitness as a lifestyle rather than an occasional event. Try to incorporate a variety of physical activities to choose from so you don’t tire from the same workout routine.
No matter if you are thinking about starting a fitness program or are a hard-core fitness junky, please feel free to comment on this blog with your “Get Your Fitness Groove On!” tips :)