Posted on July 25, 2016

Get clean with Paper Shower Body Wipes

Written By Body Wipe Company

When you need a “shower on the go”, chances are you have been using traditional wet wipes. While these are good for a quick wipe of your hands and part of your face, they are not ideal for a complete body wipe. It was these usage limitations of wet wipes that led us to develop a novel concept for “the ultimate freshen up” – Paper Shower Body Wipes Paper Shower is available as

  • A dual wet and dry body wipe pack Our body wipe teamed with a dry towelette which is used to absorb any excess water, dirt or sweat. This “freshening up process” result is skin that feels truly clean.
And our family of products include Paper Shower Original Individual Body Wipe | Wet & Dry Body Wipe Pack Saturated with a specially formulated water-base solution to provide you with a refreshing body wipe when on the go. Great for Travelers, Picnics, Beaches, Playgrounds, Camping and Hiking Paper Shower Fresh Individual Body Wipe | Wet & Dry Body Wipe Pack Formulated with a water based solution designed for removing sweat after a workout or trip to the gym. Paper Shower Alcohol Free Canister Body Wipe | Wet & Dry Body Wipe Pack  Great for sensitive skin this body wipe contain zero alcohol.