Posted on May 18, 2016

Changing the Wet Wipe Industry, One Dry Towel at a Time!

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: Paper Shower

Over the last 20 years the wet wipe industry has brought many different brands of wipes to the market. The problem is they are basically all the same! The typical wet wipe is on average a 4”X6” in size, minimally saturated with water and contain a high alcohol content. Although these wet wipes are made with thin paper, they are still efficient for cleaning your hands. In the development of Paper Shower, we wanted to innovate and not re-invent the wet wipe. In our analysis we found some key areas in product improvement that would make a better wet wipe. The first thing we did was design a larger towel. In doing field-testing, the towel had to be big enough to become a body wipe, but not too big that it could not fit in a small package. Making our towlette size 10” X12” not only created the perfect size for a body wipe, but the rectangular shape is more ergonomic. We also use a much thicker and more durable paper for our towelettes. The second improvement was to increase the fluid in the wet towelette to the maximum saturation point. This is the largest amount of solution infused into the towel without causing the towel to drip when you take it out of the package. Our wet towelette has plenty of fluid to allow the washing of the entire body of an average size person. Our third improvement was significantly lowering the alcohol content and adding soap and a moisturizer. Our Paper Shower product will not only clean your body, but most importantly, it will not dry out your skin. Lastly, we added a dry towel. This dry towelette removes the excess water, sweat and dirt from your skin after the wet towelette usage. It also differentiates us from any other wet wipe currently on the market. When we put all these improvements into a wet wipe, the end result was Paper Shower. Our disruptive wet and dry towelette combination product not only has gotten the attention of the wipe industry, but also our customers too!