Posted on August 22, 2016

Billy Dec’s AChicagoThing.Com Featured Tat Towels

Written By Body Wipe Company

Billy Dec's @AChicagoThing Body Wipe Company's Co-Founders Joel Saban and Jim Bahcall As finalists on the next season of ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank, Chicago area business owners Joel Saban and Jim Bahcall are thrilled to announce their newest product: Tat Towels. These local entrepreneurs first took the body wipe industry by storm with their popular Paper Shower product, an extremely successful single pack of dual wet and dry towelettes to be used when a shower is unavailable. (Think after the gym, at music fests, on camping weekends, after a long commute…) They’ve built a business surrounding body wipes (thus their company name-Body Wipe Company) and Tat Towels is the next line to launch. Manufactured in the U.S. using high-quality all natural vitamins and minerals, Tat Towels are a thoroughly tested, premium towelette that stays moist and controls the application to evenly moisturize and dry quickly and transparently, without leaving any residue behind. Full Article