Posted on October 3, 2016

Adding Yoga To Your Fitness Routine

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: fitness , health , Yoga

There has been a lot written lately in regards to the health benefits of doing yoga.  Yoga has been shown to help increase circulation, strength, balance and peace of mind. It has also been shown to help a person trying to lose weight.  Even with all this positive press, starting a yoga regimen can be difficult without the proper information. Before signing up for a class at your local yoga studio or health club, do some research on the Internet about yoga poses and styles. The two main schools of yoga are Ashtanga and Hatha. Ashtanga is a faster paced, flow yoga. Hatha is slower and goes deep into each pose. However, there are yoga variations, such as Bikram. This type of yoga is practiced in sauna-like rooms. You may also want to actually try out a few poses before attending your first yoga class. An inexpensive yoga mat can be purchased at most local sporting goods store or online.  When you make the decision to start taking classes, proper attire is a must. You want to wear lose, but form-fitting clothing that are flexible, but not baggy. Tight clothing will restrict your flexibility and loose clothing can get in the way while performing yoga. There are special clothes designed just for yoga. Most people prefer to do yoga in bare feet, but yoga socks can also be worn. These socks expose the heel and toes for grip, while providing warmth to the rest of your foot. Once you start practicing yoga it is important, like any fitness activity, to stick with it! Daily yoga is best, even if you only attend classes a few times per week and practice at home on the off class days. Now show us your “Downward Dog and Low Warrior” poses!