Posted on December 4, 2017

A Workout Strategy When You Want To Get Back In Shape After The Holidays

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It is not uncommon with the Holiday Season upon us, to deviate from your normal diet and eat those extra sugar cookies or drink that extra glass of eggnog.  Unfortunately, with this change in diet comes the gaining of a few extra pounds this time of year. Along with the few extra pounds comes the busyness of trying to fit parties and family in on top of your normal weekly schedule. Well one of the first things that gets reduced or eliminated during this busy time of year is your fitness regime.  A few weeks go by without working out and before you know it your endurance and over all fitness are compromised. If after the holidays you look in the mirror and know its time to get back on the “exercise horse” to lose that added weight, here are some tips on how to start up your new year’s fitness workout routine.  Walking Its important to start slow rather than aggressively when trying to get back in shape. Adding to your workout routine as you increase your strength and endurance is a good way to get your body back in shape after your holiday fitness hiatus. Walking is a great way to get your body back into shape after not exercising for a while. Start with a short walk around the same time each day. Extend the time of your walk each week until you are at least walking for 30 minutes. As you begin to feel fit, you can add some jogging into your walking routine to help increase your cardiovascular capacity and leg strength. Personal Trainer Hiring a personal trainer can be a great aid in getting yourself back in shape.  Personal trainers have extensive training in anatomy and kinetics and can greatly assist you into getting back in shape again.  Home Gym Investing in a home gym can provide you with the right motivation to get back in shape.  A home gym can save you the added time it takes to go to a health club. Buying a treadmill, elliptical or stationary cycle is a good way to build cardiovascular strength along with adding weights to build muscle. Fitness Classes Lastly, some individuals need the motivations of other to get back in shape. Joining a fitness class can be just the answer.  Classes in aerobics, yoga and aquatics are some ways to get back in shape.