Posted on June 10, 2016

A Whoosh!

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: A Whoosh , Cycling , Pro Cycling

No matter if you ride a road or mountain bike, being a spectator at a professional road cycling race is amazing. This past year we attended a USA Pro Challenge cycling race in Colorado. Not knowing what to expect as we heard over the PA that the riders were 5 miles out, our excitement began to build. Someone standing next to us asked if we had ever attended a pro cycling race in person. As we answered no, he went on to describe how fast the racers would be riding. He continued to tell us that we should practice saying “A Whoosh!” because that was the verbal description of both the sound and speed of the cyclers flying by the spectators. As the cowbells began to sound from the crowd, it was a sign that the cyclists were nearing. The pace cars drove by us as the PA announcer let the crowd know the racers were entering our portion of the racecourse. The crowd began to cheer as the first pack of cyclist flew past, quickly followed by the second and third wave of riders. In a matter of minutes all the racers passed us by…A Whoosh!