Posted on October 29, 2016

A Scary Halloween Fitness Tale

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: Halloween , Scary Fitness Story

Each year Halloween marks the official start of the season for overeating. It comes at such an inauspicious time of year when the weather over most of the country is colder, the days are shorter and our desire to exercise regularly begins to wean. Although I do everything in my power to maintain my self-control and not eat any of the Halloween candy, I fail miserably. After all, Halloween candies are packaged so nice and small, and it says on the package that their “bite size". I start by telling myself that a few pieces of candy won’t hurt because I am going to workout and burn off these added calories. Unfortunately, I end up eating enough of those “bite size” candies to be equivalent to the actual full size package. Darn those candy company marketers are good! As my sugar high burns off and I crash on the couch, the tiredness takes hold, sending me into REM sleep. My plan to workout today has now been officially scratched. After a few days of this candy binge, I begin to realize that I’m feeling a little sluggish and slightly heavier. Knowing very well that my metabolism is not what it used to be, I force myself to start exercising again on a regular basis. Halloween is now a few weeks ago and all the candy is gone from the house. Unfortunately, just as I get back into my fitness routine, I realize that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and my wife is making Pumpkin Pie!