Posted on September 5, 2017

A Late Summer Hike

Written By Body Wipe Company Tags: hiking , Lake Geneva

A late summer hike around Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is always fun, but sad. It’s a reminder that the fall season chill will soon be in the air. The good side of fall though is the beautiful autumn color leaves it produces. The lake has a walking path that is open to the public.  The unique part of this shore path is that it allows hikers to not only enjoy a hike around the lake but a up close view of some of the breath taking century-old lakefront mansions. The 21-mile Geneva Lake shore path allows hikers to literally walk through the back yards of these striking mansions. The path was created by the region’s earliest settlers who dictated that the 20 feet of land directly up from the shoreline be deemed public domain. Today, their proclamation provides hikers with an unprecedented view of some of the most beautiful lakefront homes and landscaping in the Midwest.