Posted on April 6, 2018

6 Tips On Fitting Exercise Into Your Day

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Living a busy life is not unusual for most people. Often it’s our busy life that we use as an excuse for not scheduling enough exercise into our day. While it may not be possible to find a couple of extra hours in your day to get fit, it does not have to prevent you from getting any exercise. Here are 6 ways to work some exercise into your hectic schedule.

  1. Wake Up Earlier
Waking up early to exercise might seem like an insurmountable task! But, if you start gradually by waking up five to fifteen minutes earlier than normal to exercise, it soon will become apart of your daily routine.
  1. Use You Lunch Hour
Exercising during your lunch hour can be a perfect time for those of you that waking up earlier just doesn’t work! You can take a quick walk or bike ride. You can even walk to and from your lunch destination, or eat while working and devote your entire break to fitness.
  1. Park Farther Away
Instead of spending that extra five minutes driving around a parking lot looking for a close spot, park farther away. Use this added five minutes to walk. The health benefits from adding a few extra steps in your daily life can be significant!
  1. Ride Your Bike
Riding your bike to work or for local errands is a great way to go green, save money and get fit all in at once.
  1. Take The Stairs
If you work in a large office building with multiple floors, taking the stairs can be an easy way to add more exercise into your day.
  1. Exercise with your kids
If you generally sit and read or are on your phone when you take your kids to the park, you are missing out on an exercise opportunity. Instead of sitting while your children are playing, join them! Play tag, run around or swing with them for example.