Posted on April 7, 2017

5 Practices that Promote Happiness

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Happiness is elusive and difficult to define. Most people think that they know it when they see it. What many don't know is how to achieve happiness - both how to find it and how to hold on to it. We tend to assume that happiness is like the weather - which can change beyond our control. Yet throughout human history, certain practices have been effective in producing feelings of happiness. Some of these techniques are associated with the major world religions, but religion does not have a monopoly on happiness. Here are five pursuits that have helped many people to experience happiness on a consistent basis.

  1. Doing good for others. This consistently shows up in lists of tips and techniques for achieving happiness. People who focus on the needs of others experience proportionately less anxiety about their own circumstances. In addition, doing good deeds leads to an improved self-image and increased self-confidence.
  1. Meditating. Meditation can occur in a religious framework or in a secular context. It involves resting the rational mind and focusing for a prolonged period on a still point in the universe. Meditation has the effect of allowing the mind to reset, which releases frustration and anxiety and restores a sense of balance. It is this sense of balance or equilibrium that translates into happiness.
  1. Setting objectives and pursuing plans. There is nothing more depressing than having no goals and no plans! Pursuing an objective through carefully planned steps - whether or not the objective is ultimately achieved - results in feelings of well-being and satisfaction.
  1. Striving for artistic beauty. Though it's not completely clear how art relates to happiness, people who cultivate an artistic pursuit - painting, sculpture, music, or writing - find that seeking artistic excellence produces feelings of happiness and joy. It doesn't matter whether or not others are inspired by their artistic creations (if others enjoy the creations, that's a bonus). What matters is the single-minded focus on creating something that is beautiful in itself.
  1. Treating yourself well. People tend to believe that their happiness depends mainly upon the way they're treated by others - forgetting that each person also has a relationship with himself or herself! Treating yourself well involves patience, forbearance and forgiveness, and it is the best recipe for long-term emotional health.
While these activities have helped many individuals to achieve happiness, there is certainly no one-size-fits-all. Nevertheless, it is clear that certain techniques can produce consistently positive feelings and dramatically improve a person's outlook on life.