Posted on December 6, 2016

4 Reasons You Should Workout Over The Winter

Written By Body Wipe Company

It might be harder to get moving during the winter months, but it's just as important to workout during these months as it is during the summer. Unlike the summer months, the winter season may cause you to eat a bit more than usual and/or feel sluggish from the cold and darkness that winter brings. This article outlines four good reasons why you should make exercise a priority during the winter.

  1. Exercise will put you in a better mood
During the winter it's darker, the days are shorter, and the weather can be pretty depressing. You can help beat the winter blues by staying active and social. Don't use the cold temperature as an excuse to stay cooped up. Go for walks with a friend or neighbor. The cold air is very invigorating and natural light helps to improve mood. You should take advantage of every sunny day during the winter to get much-needed vitamin D.
  1. You'll be more energetic
Winter is the time of year when many people enjoy being lazy. It's the perfect weather for snuggling on the couch with a blanket and some snacks. Although this might sound enticing, it's not good for your energy level. Before you hunker down on the couch in front of the television, get out and play first. If you live where it snows go skiing, snowshoeing, running or fatbiking. If playing outside isn't possible due to extreme cold weather, find indoor activities such as going to a health club or gym.
  1. You'll keep yourself healthy
Working out any time of the year helps to keep your immune system up. During the winter, we expose ourselves to germs more than in the summer because we tend to stay indoors for longer periods of time. Indoor air is recycled and germ-ridden because of the lack of fresh air. The air outdoors is much cleaner than the air indoors, so working out outdoors is the perfect choice. Spending more time outdoors can actually reduce your chances of getting sick!
  1. Summer bodies are made in the winter
If you really want a bikini body come the summer, now is the time to begin working for it. Many people wait until the last minute to begin working for a body they want to show off on the beach. If you're serious about feeling great during the summer months, don't stop working out during the winter months!